Razorback™ Round Wire Brushes


Galaxy Brushes is proud to announce our latest innovation, the Razorback™ line of pig brushes. Different than any other brush on the market, there is a reason why Galaxy Brushes are the pioneers of innovation in the industry.

Leveraging large diameter round wire and more pin sets per plate than traditional flat wire, the Razorback™ line provides an aggressive alternative to tackle the most difficult cleaning jobs.

The Razorback™ is manufactured to customer specification for block, wrap, or flange brushes. Custom configurations can accommodate any cleaning tool.

  • Oil tempered spring wire
  • 247/277,000 tensile strength
  • 60% more pin sets per plate than flat wire
  • Performed well in low flow lines
  • Good for scale and wax
  • Custom configurations to fit any pig

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