At the heart of what inspires us:

Galaxy Brushes is an industry-leading brush manufacturer that prides itself on being a customer-focused organization that produces creative and high-quality solutions with dependable results.

Building on years of brush design and manufacturing experience, Galaxy Brushes incorporated in 2002 to offer customers a new level of specialized brush innovation and delivery excellence.

At Galaxy, we appreciate that pipelines represent a considerable investment on behalf of operators and can often prove to be of critical strategic importance to countries and governments. Through our customer interactions, we recognized a need to improve the way pipelines were cleaned and inspected. We observed that traditional flat wire brushes often did not effectively clean pipelines to customer expectations and that soldered and glued brush solutions used on inspection tools were prone to break down in the pipeline. In response, Galaxy developed a patented construction method for pencil brushes. The brushes proved so strong on inspection tools that we expanded our solutions to cleaning applications.

Today, Galaxy’s patented pencil brushes and pipeline solutions are world-renowned and used by many of the leading oil and gas companies and their partners.  Galaxy customers demand high-quality solutions anywhere, anytime, and it’s our goal to consistently respond to those needs with first-class responsiveness, products, and reliability.