Flat Wire Brushes


Galaxy will provide a complete array of flat wire brushes for your cleaning needs.  Styles include block brushes, wrap brushes, and flange brushes.

  • Individually manufactured brushes to fit your tool
  • Brushes come in all styles
  • Bristles can be carbon, stainless or nonmetalic
  • Sizes from 3″ to 56″ or larger

Made of durable c-1050 oil tempered steel, our bristles are hard enough to clean your pipe with the flexibility needed to bend out of the way of pipeline intrusions without breaking.  All of our brushes can also be ordered with stainless steel wire for sour gas operations or in a polypropylene bristle.

Galaxy supplies the popular block style brushes, wrap brushes and flange brushes, all made to your specific need.  The Majority of our brushes are custom made so there is no need to try to make our brushes “fit” your pig.  Simply send us the specifics of the pig and we’ll manufacture the brush to fit.

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