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Galaxy’s Pencil Brushes provide consistency in magnetic properties.  At a test completed at the University of Pennsylvania it was found that our Pencil Brushes had 1/3 less standard deviation than that of our competitors.  Galaxy’s construction method also prevents wires from escaping, a common occurrence with soldered and glued brushes.  No escaping wires means no “furring” (an expression for when wires escape out of the brush and stick to the magnets of the tools affecting the test results) on the tool.

On larger size tools the brushes will also help to support and center the tool, reducing wear on the urethane and increasing the distance the tool can run.

  • Provide superior consistency and improved tool performance
  • Eliminates furring on the inspection tool
  • Will support the tool reducing wear on urethane seats
  • Centers the inspection tool
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Galaxy’s unique Pencil Brushes are the best all around cleaning solution on the market today.  Versatile, dependable and reusable, Galaxy’s design team can custom design a brush that will effectively clean your pipeline.

  • Sizes from 3″ to 56″ or larger
  • Flexible enough to get around bends and through pipeline dents
  • Strong enough to clean wax and scale
  • Individual wires small enough to get into and clean out pits in the pipeline
  • Durable enough to reuse, Galaxy’s patented Pencil Brushes are quickly becoming the tool of choice for companies that realize the benefits of keeping their pipelines clean.  Flanges that carry the pencil brushes can be manufactured in such a way that we can use shorter trim lengths for scale or other problems requiring a short strong brush with less flexibility, or a longer trim in instances where a pipeline may be partially obstructed by wax, dents, or design problems that may need the brushes to bend out of the way and then flex back to resume cleaning.
  • Pencil Brushes are also the best choice for dual-diameter pipelines.
  • By changing wire diameters, length, and the number of brushes on a tool we can design the solution you need.
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