Engineering Services

Let our Engineers help ensure you get the right brush for your needs.  Our engineering department will work with your engineers to make sure you get the right brushes, the right pigs and the right service for your needs.

Pig Design
Let our engineers design the right pig for your pipeline.  Using your pipeline data our engineers will work with you to design a pig and brush combination that meets your goals.  Designing the pig and brushes together is the best choice when setting up your pigging program.  Let our experience in working with problem pipelines help you.  Dual diameter pipelines, black powder problems, scale, wax – we’ve already dealt with it and have the expertise to design a solution for you.

Brush Design
Already have pigs?  Our engineering department can make sure that the brushes you purchase from Galaxy Brushes will fit your existing pig.  While it is not the best solution, sometimes purchasing new pigs is just not in the budget.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t switch brushes.  Remember, the pig delivers the brush, the brush does the cleaning.  We can still get you set up with high quality brushes on your existing pigs that will result in a better cleaning.

Have a particular problem that you are just having a hard time solving?  Let Galaxy’s team of problem solvers take a look.  We’re not burdened with the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” syndrome.  Our engineers have come up with unique solutions for others.  Visit our projects page and see some of our solutions and then let us come up with a solution for you.