GALAXY’s patented pencil brushes and pipeline solutions are world renowned. Whether it’s because of our innovative design practices, or our total commitment to customer responsiveness, Galaxy brushes are specified by many the world’s largest oil and gas companies and their partners.


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Trials of Galaxy pencil brushes have been completed in several oil pipelines in the Gulf of Suez, including lines containing mineral scales and wax. The brushes were attached to the rear of standard Bi-Di pigs. They proved to be highly effective at removing deposits from the lines and thereby helping to control internal corrosion, reduce flow restrictions and prepare the lines for intelligent pigging. The brushes were also highly reliable and displayed minimal wear. GUPCO has now adopted Galaxy pencil brushes for maintenance cleaning of all its pipelines.

Dominic Paisley, IM General Manager, GUPCO


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  • Feb 5 New Standard Brush Diameter

    With continuing improvement in mind, we recently started testing various wires used in our pencil brushes to determine which wire provided the best all around cleaning performance. Using our linear test rig we found that a wire with the diameter of .0192” provided the best all around cleaning performance. Therefore in 2015 we will be […]

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