Apache Pipeline Products has utilized Galaxy Brushes for more than seven years and we have come to rely on fantastic customer service and quality brushes.

Brett McNabb
Apache Pipeline Products

Trials of Galaxy pencil brushes have been completed in several oil pipelines in the Gulf of Suez, including lines containing mineral scales and wax. The brushes were attached to the rear of standard Bi-Di pigs. They proved to be highly effective at removing deposits from the lines and thereby helping to control internal corrosion, reduce flow restrictions and prepare the lines for intelligent pigging. The brushes were also highly reliable and displayed minimal wear. GUPCO has now adopted Galaxy pencil brushes for maintenance cleaning of all its pipelines.

Dominic Paisley
IM General Manager, GUPCO

Galaxy has the right blend of technology, service and pricing. I wish all my suppliers were as good as Galaxy.

Ed Meyer
Senior Buyer
T.D.Williamson Inc.

Galaxy’s customer list, including industry recognized leaders, speaks for itself. Their focus on consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations, fastest turnaround order time in the industry, and high product quality sounds simple, but they are key drivers in their continuing growth and overall success.

Ken Okrepkie
Regional Director
Ben Franklin Technology Partners